The "Ray" is coming.

New smart crop protection solution.

Continuing the 16kg legend.

Comparing with the traditional crop protection, R-16's advantage is that it has the characteristics of precision operation, high efficiency and environmental protection, simple operation and intelligent, etc. These characters can deal with some existing problems in modern agricultural industry, such as low efficiency, environmental pollution, pesticide poisoning, etc.

Automatic Flight, One-click to be Ready.

TXA5+ Automatic Flight System developed by TXA

Finish folding,
Only 9s.

R-16 uses the 3rd generation of folding design to realize 9s folding, which effectively reduces the time cost of switching fields. Combining with the wheeled design, R-16 can be moved easily on the paths.

Easily done

The 3rd generation of folding design enhances portability, optimizes the body structure to reduce the cost of maintaining. The modularized design makes disassembling and repairing much easier than before.

Spraying efficiency ≥ 60000㎡/h

R-16 is the core product of TXA, which has been designed and developed for over 5 years. It has passed the 500 hours running test without malfunction.

6 in 1 Battery Charger.

The new smart battery system makes R-16 more convenient to get electric energy. 6 batteries can be charged at the same time.

Remote Ground Station

Specially designed for UAV users, manual / automatic mode can be freely switched, IP65 waterproofing level, communication distance up to 5km.

Tianxiang Agricultural Intelligent Management Platform

Tianxiang Agricultural Intelligent Management Platform can interact with ground stations to help users view real-time status of equipment, progress of work and land information. If there is an accident in operation, the platform management center can respond quickly, and provides the best solution according to the error data.

Smart Management
to keep fly safely.

In order to manage crop protection teams and work conveniently, TXA creates the intelligent management platform, which can communicate with the ground station to help user to gain real-time information.

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