High Performance, Minute Extension

New smart crop protection solution.

Streamlined Body, Smooth Flight

According to the principles of aerodynamics, the unique streamlined design helps to reduce air resistance and energy loss, and also provides an elegant appearance.

Streamlined Design

Removable Tank,
Fully Modular Body Frame

We designed removable battery and tank for R-10, which saves time for replenishing the electrical energy and the liquid. This solution improves operational efficiency.

1 Minute, 900㎡ Spraying Area Done!

R-10 has high-performance Route Management System inside which was developed by TXA. With modularized design, the whole system can increase efficiency to 53000㎡/h.


Foldable Design, Easy to Transform

With the 3rd gen patented folding body design developed by TXA, you can fold all arms and get a smaller R-10, all operation can be done within 10 sec.

Placed In The Trunk, Go With Your Car

R-10 at folded mode can be easily placed in the trunk of your private car. Common private car's trunk can fit 2 R-10 drones. It's unnecessary to buy specialized vehicle for R-10 drone, which reduces the cost.

Circle That Obstacle!

R-10 can get around the obstacles while planning the route. You can just walk around the obstacle with the locator in your hand and the obstacle can be recorded.

Structure For Easy Assembly

Every module is easy to be replaced

All you have to do is unscrew, the damaged arms, motors, propellers can be easily removed, and the replacement operation can be done fastly in the farmland.

6 in 1 Battery Charger.

The new smart battery system makes R-16 more convenient to get electric energy. 6 batteries can be charged at the same time.

Remote Ground Station

Specially designed for UAV users, manual / automatic mode can be freely switched, IP65 waterproofing level, communication distance up to 5km.

Tianxiang Agricultural Intelligent Management Platform

Tianxiang Agricultural Intelligent Management Platform can interact with ground stations to help users view real-time status of equipment, progress of work and land information. If there is an accident in operation, the platform management center can respond quickly, and provides the best solution according to the error data.

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